TLI Practice Plan HS-1

In this Practice Plan we are installing all of our Two’s and Threes Stick work drills. You should spend time making sure that the kids understand what they are working on in each of the drills and also WHY they are doing it. Error detection and correction during this drill will make the drill effective for the remainder of the season. We will be doing these drills every day. In the Skill Development section we are introducing our short line drills. These are fundamental skills in a players dodging repertoire. And for fun we throw in a shooting on the run drill to get the blood pumping again. Finally in the Team Development section we introduce both the 2v1 and the Classic 3v2 drills. These are the beginning of our odd man situation drills that are a core part of our curriculum.
It might also be a good idea to run through the each of the two’s drills twice. REALLY focus on good form. Make sure to look at legs, hips. head and the hands!!!

Stick Work – 30 minutes

Skill Development – 30 minutes

Team Development – 30 minutes