Team Development – 2 v 1

In our 2 v 1 Drill we utilize the pump fake, Wind Up and possibly the face dodge in a low level decision making drill.  The ball carrier only needs to decide if to pass one place or go to the cage (or shoot i guess also).  This allows the players to try out the skills they have learned and see how they can create opportunities and capitalize on them.

Drill set up:  Have three lines of players as close to the mid-line as possible.  The first player in the middle line steps out to play defense.  He should drop in about 8 yards or so.  We try to keep lefties in the right line (as you face the goal) if at all possible.  One of the offensive players starts with the ball and they go to the goal in a 2v1.

Offensive Focal Points:  Ball carrier needs to either draw the man too him with a wind up or open up a clear path the the cage by getting the defender to lean or move towards the other offensive player with a fake  If neither of those works, a quick carry down the ally should make the defender commit one way or the other.

Defensive Focal Points:  The defender must maintain a good balanced stance allowing him to react either way.  Maintaining a position that gives him access to both the passing lane and the ball carriers path to the goal, the defender should manage his separation so as to minimize the easiest option.  Using a “Show Slide” he could “Show” (ie. fake a slide) to the the ball carrier in hopes of forcing a pass, but since he has anticipated it, he may be able get to the receivers hands soon after he receives it.  All he needs to be able to do is disrupt the pass and allow it to be dropped.  That is usually enough time for any trailing players to recover and even up the situation.

  • Ball Carrier should never have to dodge
  • Off Ball player should make himself available
  • Should end in a 1v0 on the goalie