Coach/Player Workshop

TLI has designed a series of workshops that can take your entire program (players and coaches) to the next level.  By designing a program that allows a TLI certified Master Coach to familiarize the coaches with our philosophy and curriculum, and then work with those coaches and players on the field, the entire program can be immersed in our curriculum in just a matter of days.

The program typically involves:

  • 2 Hour coaches meeting
  • 10 hours of on field instruction
  • Access to our coaching philosophy
  • Access to our Online Coaches Education Program (optional)

The beauty of this program is that it can be run anywhere in the country at any time of year.  It is an intense immersion into our Player Training Philosophy, our Coaches Training Philosophy, our Box-to-Field Philosophy and the entire TLI Curriculum.

There are three basic categories:

  • Field Workshop
  • Box Workshop
  • Combination Workshop (Box and Field together)

For pricing and date openings please contact Todd Francis at:

Phone: (978) 764-1341