Team Development – 2v1 West Genny

West Genny is a great drill that allows us to run our 2v1 drill in a continuous drill and makes it a competitive game-like situation.  Typically this is played with the goals about 35 – 45 yards apart depending on age group, skill level and available space. Smaller sometimes can be better. Split the team into two colors splitting up the defense and the lefties evenly.  We will call them Black and White.  Lines of each color behind their own defensive goal.  First team on defense send out one defensive players.  First offensive team then sends 2 new offensive players (one from each line) down and they run a 2v1 as described in our 2v1 drills write ups.  Once a goal is scored or the ball hits the ground, that possession is over.  At that point, the last offensive player to touch the ball is out and the other one must immediately run back to play defense.  The Team that was just on defense now sends out 2 new players on offense and the drill continues.  We do not want to have the offense that is coming down try to cheat and leave early,  they must start below GLE and wait for the coach to release them.  We are not tying to make this a horse race….let the defense get a good start on getting back.  Also the ball carrier should use pump fakes and wind ups to draw his man to him before passing or shooting.

  • Maintain good 2v1 philosophy
  • Use good wind up and pump fakes
  • Long poles play offense too!!
  • Make it a lot of fun