3’s – Explanation

Our 3’s Formation is a 3 man passing drill that is used to work on many different skills while getting all of the players a large quantity of touches in a short period of time.  For these drills the players should get in groups of 3.  One “end man” should be on a sideline, the other “end man” should be about 10 yards away (adjust as necessary).  The “middle man” starts in different places depending on the drill.  Watch the video to get the exact starting point for the middle man.  It is also important that extra balls be placed near each of the “end men” so that if a ball is missed he can just grab another and keep the drill going.  Coaches should continually replace these balls as needed.  Make sure that the extra balls are not in the way of the middle man who is running the drill. Each drill should be run for 30 seconds with each player.  So run it for 30 seconds…blow the whistle…put the next one in and blow the whistle to start again.  If the drill is only using one hand, the drill should be run twice, once with each hand.  If the drill uses both hands (as in Figure 8’s) it only needs to be run once.