2’s – Explanation

Our 2’s formation is used for a series of partner passing drills that works on many different skills.  All of our Forward and Backward drills are designed to get the players used to moving their feet in either a forward or backward direction and pass the ball in any direction.  We focus on separating the upper body from the lower body and making sure that the player keeps his feet moving as he turns his upper torso only to make the pass.  Our Shuffle progression teaches many important skills that are used while maintaining a good shuffle up field.

To start this drill, players should be in lines of no more than 6 or 7 players.  2 lines make up one set for this drill.  Use as many sets as necessary.  The idea is that the first person in each set of lines are partners…and so on as they go back through the pairs of lines.  The first pair starts the drill and the second pair should not start until the first pair has moved up field about 10 yards.  Keeping good separation between pairs is important so that players to not run into each other.  The drill should be run for about 40 yards….or from Goal line extended to half field.

It is also important that extra balls be laid between the sets of players and continually replaced.  Tell the players if they drop a ball to just turn around and grab another.  No need for them to be chasing balls all over the field.  The idea is to get as many reps in as possible.  It is also a good idea for coaches to have a ball in their stick or hand (or both) and to flip it to players if they happen to drop one.