Short Line Drills – Wind Up Face Dodge

Set up in our Short Line Drill formation.

The ball carrier then approaches the dummy defender and and goes into a wind up position (shuffle or “sidewinds” into the wind up) the face dodges the defender.  After he gets past the defender he immediately passes to the front of the other line and the stops and plays dummy defense.  The other dummy defender goes to the back of the original ball carriers line.  The stress points are:

  • Wind up in a good position (as in the Shuffle Wind Up video)
  • Good face dodge carried low and forward (as in Shuffle Wind-Up Face Dodge video)
  • Accelerate past the defender
  • Return to a threat position and snap a pass

We are looking for the drill to run rapidly and focus on good form through the face dodge and good acceleration past the defender.   We are also looking for quick return to a Threat Position and snapping a good pass.