Skill Development – Shooting on the Run

In our Shooting on the Run drill we are working on good form while shooting on the run and focusing on keeping the shooters feet moving.

Drill Set Up: 2 lines should be formed at the restraining line and about 20 yards apart so as not to interfere with each other.  Balls should be placed at the front of each line and players should be prepared and get a ball in their stick early so that we can run this in a rapid fire manner.  Balls should be replaced as often as possible.  Once they are out…stop the drill and quickly re-load the lines and start again.

Drill Execution: In a rapid fire manner each player should drive with his stick to the outside of his arc.  When preparing to shoot, the player must get their hands back and away from their body and coils their torso (still keeping his feet running). As they plant their front foot, they should raise their front elbow and shoulder, uncoil their torso and shoot as hard as they can.  On the follow through their trailing foot (not the plant foot) should continue driving and if done correctly the player will continue forward with his momentum and possibly even end up turning around and running backwards along the same path.  Often you sill see the player falling away from the cage on the follow through.  This is losing momentum and speed on the shot.  This MUST be corrected! Once the shot is taken, the other line should then go as long as the shooting path is clear.  We are looking to get this going so we have a shot every 3-5 seconds  This allows each player to shoot often.

Drill Focal Points:

  • Drive to net with stick in both hands
  • Hands Back and Away from body
  • Torso “coiled” for maximum torsion
  • Stick 3/4 or over the top
  • Follow through with stick and body towards goal often ending up running backwards on follow through