Short Line Drills – Explanation

In our short line drills, we get in standard “Line Drill” formation with no more than 3 players in any line.  The lines should be facing each other about 12-15 yards apart.  To start the drill the ball should be in the front of one line.  The player in the front of the other line comes towards the ball carrier.  He should come a little more than half way, so he is about 4-5 yards from the ball carrier.  He then breaks down and gets in a good defensive stance.  As the ball carrier goes by he should give a 75% effort to throw one stick check to the spot that he sees the ball carrier my be vulnerable.

The defender then goes to the back of the line that he is near (not the line he started in).  The ball carrier must explode past the defender and immediately return to a threat position.  The then snaps a pass to the line ahead of him and stops and plays defense.  In the beginning it will probably be necessary continually remind the players to stop and play defense after they pass.

  • Lines 12-15 yards apart
  • First defender 4-5 yards from ball carrier
  • Good defensive stance
  • One stick check
  • Dodges/protect and accelerates past defender
  • Immediately return to threat position and snap a pass

This drill is designed as a high rep drill that should be run at about 75% of full speed.  The ball carrier should focus on all of the teaching points of each specific skill  We are trying to build form and confidence in all of the different situation. The defense is looking for a vulnerability and throwing one good check.  It it important to attend to the specific teaching points of each specific dodge or stick protection skills.