Short Line Drills – Stick Protection

Set-Up in our Short Line drill formation.

The ball carrier approaches the dummy defender and gets into a good one handed stick protection position.  With his top hand near the head, bottom arm and hand are forward and down and the stick carried up near his ear, the ball carrier should carry close enough to the defender so he has to protect his stick.  As the carrier gets within the defenders reach, he should roll his off shoulder up and forward to add even more protection.

  • Good One-handed stick protection position
  • Accelerate past defender
  • Roll off shoulder up and forward when within defenders reach
  • Immediately return to a Threat Position
  • Snap a good pass and STOP AND PLAY DEFENSE

We are looking for this drill to run rapidly and focus on a good stick protection position stand and accelerate past the defender.  We also want the player to quickly get back to a threat position and snap a pass.  In the beginning you will need to continually remind the players to stop and play defense after they snap a pass.