Short Line Drills – Wind Up Hitch and Go

Drill Set Up: Set-Up in our Short Line drill formation.

Drill Execution: The ball carrier approaches the dummy defender and goes into a wind up position (shuffle or “sidewinds” into the wind up).  The players then plants and drives off his REAR foot driving him  around the “topside” of the defender.  He should quickly return to a threat position and snap a pass to the other line.   They then stop and plays dummy defense.  The other dummy defender goes to the back of the original ball carriers line.

Stress Points:

  • Wind up in a good position (as in the Shuffle Wind Up video)
  • Player must explode off the back foot changing directions to the top side.
  • Maintain a Threat position with his stick to make an immediate pass
  • Stop and play defense

We are looking for the drill to run rapidly and focus on good form with a good drive off of the back foot and “hitch and go” around the top of the defender to the topside.   We are also looking to have the stick in a good threat position to make a quick pass after the dodge.  In the beginning you will need to continually remind the players to stop and play defense after they snap a pass.