Team Development – 3v2 Carry and Mirror

In the 3v2 Carry and Mirror we deviate slightly from the 3v2 Classic and work on adding the decision making that happens in a dynamic situation as the ball carrier is moving and the his team mates and defense man are reacting accordingly.

Drill Set Up:  Set up the drill exactly as specified in the 3v2 Classic set up.

Drill Execution: This time instead of winding up and drawing the top defender out (As in 3v2 Classic), the ball carrier is going to carry the ball to one side towards the low man.  He is not dodging his defender, but instead is carrying to one side maintaining separation from the defender and even bowing out a little bit to try and draw the defender out towards him.  He should maintain his stick in a Threat Position and have his head up to look for seems to hit the opposite low man.  The low man that the ball carrier is running towards must immediately react by “Mirroring” the ball carrier.  This means he is cutting underneath, behind the on ball defender and replacing the ball carrier in the top position.  All the time he should be facing the ball carrier and in a position to receive a pass and take a shot or move the ball quickly. At some point the ball carrier must make the correct pass to the most open man.  The drill then continues until either the ball hits the ground or there is a good shot.

Drill Focal Points:

  • Carry the ball to one side without dodging
  • Ball carrier must “bow out” so as not to engage the defender completely
  • Low man must Mirror immediately and “bow in” to maintain separation
  • Ball carrier and opposite low man must look for passing seams
  • Defense must react accordingly including “Show” to incite a bad pass.