TLI Practice Plan HS-2

In this Practice Plan we are installing the next progression of our Two’s and Threes Stick work drills.   In the Skill Development section we are continuing to do our short line drills, and adding out time and space shooting drill.  Finally in the Team Development section we are adding the 3v2 Carry and Mirror to start to get the players to think about moving with the ball….with their heads up and understanding that in a dynamic situation, opportunities develop as the ball is carried.  We then add in the 3v2 West Genny drill.  In this case start with always doing the 3v2 Classic, then do the 3v2 Carry and Mirror and end with a players choice and see if the other low attackmen react correctly as the ball is carried towards them.  Make sure to stress that the CARRY is NOT a DODGE!!!  Draw the defender out and allow the opportunities to develop.


Stick Work – 30 minutes

Skill Development – 30 minutes

Team Development – 45 minutes