Skill Development – Time and Space Shooting

In Time and Space shooting we are working on good shooting form and allowing the kids to really use all of their body to feel the ball come correctly off of the stick.  We run this drill for a few practices just looking for form and velocity.  We then start adding accuracy by picking corners or bounce shots.

Drill Set Up: Lines should be formed in an arc at an appropriate distance form the goal 9-15 yards depending on age and skill.  There should be as many lines as there are coaches.  The coach should get on one knee at the front of the line.  He will be tossing the balls to the players. Left handed players will have to be on the opposites side of the coach than the right handed players.  Therefore put all of the lefties together in one line, and if need be add some righties to that line to even out the numbers.  This coach will have to turn around to feed the lefties. Balls should placed in the front of every line and replaced often if possible.

Drill Execution: In a semi rapid fire manner each player will step out, get into a good sideways threat position, receive the pass “up in the box” and shoot with good form and follow through.  When receiving the ball the player should be sideways and have his knees bent and his stick “up in the box”. After they receives the pass,  they get their hands back and away from their body into a good wind-up position with their head looking at the goal. As they brings their hands back, they should coil their  torso for maximum power, transfer their weight from the back foot to the front foot and then uncoils their torso and shoots as hard as they can. The stick path should be at 3/4 (10:30 or 1:30 on a clock) or higher.  The players momentum should then carry them towards the goal when they follow through. The coach needs to be able to observe each shot and make a quick correction if necessary before the next player shoots.  Shooter then gets in the back of his own line.

Drill Focal Points:

  • Body sideways to goal
  • Hands Back and Away from body
  • Torso “coiled” for maximum torsion
  • Weight transfer from back foot to front foot
  • Stick 3/4 or over the top
  • Follow through with stick and body towards goal