Team Development – 3v2 Classic

In our 3v2 Classic we are using the pump fake and the wind up, while adding another level of decision making for the ball carrier fro the 2v1.  Now the ball carrier must know what the defender on him is doing and where he is, while also focusing on the lower defender to decide to whom to pass the ball.   In this drill we emphasize that there is no reason to dodge in a 3v2 situation.  It all about “Draw and Dump”, but making the correct “dump” is key.  After the top man releases the ball make sure that he stays high and does not float down towards the crease.  We are also very focused on “pre-thinking” what we will do with the ball if we get it.  At the beginning of the drill we want the lower 2 players to start to read the 2 defenders and get and idea of what they will do with the ball if they get it.  too often players of this age wit until they catch the ball, then start to decide what to do.  We want it to be a catch and a quick movement of the ball.  If players really get confused, moving the ball right back to the player it came from can often be a good choice.

Drill Set Up:  Have three offensive players out, one down on each side of the goal about 5 -7 yards wide of the crease and a couple yards above goal line extended (GLE) and the third above the restraining line in the middle of the field with the ball.  Defensively we need two defense men in a “I” formation.  The top man must be a short stick defender.  The lower can be (should be?) a pole.  He should be a yard or two above the crease and should be shading one side or the other.

Offensive Focal Points: The top man should wind up and draw the top defender.  If he gets to 8-10 yards (depending on the age group and skill level) he should keep the defense honest and rip a shot.  He should be aware of the top defender, but should really focus on the low defender to decide where he should pass or pump fake and pass.   The receiver then is aware of the lower defender who is now coming to him and reading the short stick top defender to see where he should move the ball.  75% of the time it is going to be across the crease but sometimes the top defense man made a good “Show” or read the play well and is closing quickly on the cross crease pass.  In this case the pass should go back up top  If the top players stopped and maintained a nice triangle, he should have a nice open shot.

Defensive Focal Points:  The top defender needs to force the pass without making such a commitment that he can’t recover to the low man.  After the pass he needs to open up towards the ball and try to get down to the lower off ball offensive player.  If the pass goes there he has to get on it as fast as possible.  If the pass goes back up top he must recover.  The lower defender has to go to the first pass.   He should shade one side or the other depending on many factors.  One player may be wrong handed for that side (ie a right handed player on the left side lower GLE).  He can also shade the side that is to the top offensive players stick side, trying to force a pass across the players body.  Either way the defense man both have to slide and recover quickly.

  • Lefty down on the left side of the goal if possible
  • Top man Draws and Dumps (or shoots!!)
  • Top man must maintain a high position
  • Both lower offensive players should find open lanes