TLI Elite Training – HW #3

Here is the homework for Week #3.  Athletes should plan on doing this every other day (3 times) during the week.

As always, athletes should focus on good form. In this workout, it is also a requirement that each rep be true and complete.  Refer to each elements link for the focus points of that particular element.  DO NOT cheat on form for speed, instead, do each element correctly as quickly as possible.  To time the workout, use a stopwatch app and report your time.  Athletes will report their finishing time for each time they do the entire workout.


5 Rounds for Time


In this portion of the workout we introduce our “Staggered Interval” element.  In this workout the athletes will mark off the specified yardage with cones.   For the first rep, the athlete will sprint from the first cone to the second cone, touch it and return to the first cone, touch it and finish by sprinting back past the second cone.  These 3 “legs” are considered 1 rep.  the athlete will then walk back to the first cone and once there, count to 10 and start the next rep.   As before it will be defined by the # of reps (1 rep=3 legs) x distance. 10 X 20 Yards