TLI Practice Plan S56-1

Purpose:   In this practice plan we introduce our 2’s and 3’s stick work formations that we will use for the rest of the season. It is important to focus on correct form and footwork for all of these drills as these are fundamental to our curriculum throughout the year.   We also add the first drill in our odd-man situation progression.

Stick Work  (0:00 – 0:25)

Skill Development    (0:25 – 0:50)

  • Short Line Drills – Stick Protection
  • Short Line Drills – Wind Up Stick Protect
  • Star Drill
  • Star Drill Multi Ball

Team Development    (0:50 – 1:20)

  • 2v0 – Pass Across
  • 2v0 – Pump and Go
  • 2v1 – Sides

Coaches Choice       (1:20 – 1:30)

  • Coaches Choice