Team Development – 3v2 Pass Mirror Carry

This drill is very similar to Team Development – 3v2 Carry and Mirror but instead the carry is being done by one of the low men.  The drill starts as usual with the top man drawing the top defender.  He then passes to one side and immediately cuts towards the goal.  Upon receiving the pass and recognizing the top man cutting, he immediately carries the ball up to the top.  He has to follow the same rules as the top man in the previous drill:

  • Carry in an arc towards the outside
  • Do not engage the defender, keep your distance
  • As you pass the cutting man, have your stick in a Threat position and Look Back at him
  • If the skip pass is not open, allow yourself to get near the top before making any play

Make sure that the top player is making a definitive cut after his pass so that the lower man knows to start carrying right away.  If the top man hesitates, the low man is not going to know what to do.