Skill Development – 2v0 Pass Down Pick Down

This drill is run almost identically to Skill Development – 2v0 Pass Across Pick Across , except it is run from the top down the side and not across.  However it is almost imperative that both players play the same hand.  The pick/roll man will be very ineffective if he plays the opposite hand.  Lefties on the left hand side and righties on the right hand side (looking out from the cage).


Ball starts up top, low player should be about 10-13 yards wide of the crease and 5 yards above GLE.  Top players passes down and cuts the middle.  It is imperative that the low man wait for the pick.  He should pretend to engage his man as if he is going to dodge and wait for the pick to get set.  Often the player will receive the pass and just start going right away.  This makes the pick man chase the defender and will most likely result in a moving pick. Once the pick is set, he should then run off the pick mans shoulder, look back and drive to the cage.

Again start by going “over the top” and then run it “underneath” with either a face dodge or a tow drag.