Skill Development – 2v0 Pass Across Pick Across

In our 2v0 Pass Across Pick Across drill we are learning the fundamental motions of a pick (or screen) and roll.  We want to stress correct body position for both players.  I would recommend not having a goalie in the cage for this drill.

Drill Set Up:  Have two lines at the restraining line about 10 yards apart.  Drill should be run from both sides up top.  You can run it one way and then the other, alternate sides or players choice, but the younger levels should focus on one side and then the other.  At first I would run the drill from one side and the ball carrier always going “over the top” or coming off the pick towards the center of the field.  Then run it with the ball carrier going “Underneath” or down the ally.  This allows players to get used to turning towards the ball the correct way when rolling off.  It is also important to understand that this is a very “hand oriented” drill.   It is imperative that the ball carrier (not the pick man) be right handed on the right side and left handed on the left side (looking out from the cage).   It is better of the pick/roll man is that same hand, but can still be effective if he is the opposite hand.

Drill Execution: The player with the ball should pass across and immediately cut the middle of the field.  He should not stand and watch the pass and make sure it is caught….cut right away.  He cuts for two purposes.  First, if his defender does not follow him, he is going to the cage on a perfect give and go.  Or, if the defender does cover him he is now in a great position to set a pick from the inside out, at which point he breaks off his cut and heads up to set a pick or a screen.  A “Pick” is typically set very close to the defender if the defender happens to be playing off of the offensive player.  A Screen is usually set further away from the defender allowing the ball carrier to run his defender towards the screen with the purpose of using it as a pick or the possibility that the defense tries to switch early the pick man can slip the pick and turn straight to the cage and be wide open.  The ball carrier should set up his offender by engaging him and giving the possibility he could split down the ally.  When the pick or screen are set, the then drives towards it with his stick protected and in two hands.  As he passes the pick the fist thing the ball carrier should do is “Look Back” at his team mate.  This does two things.  He will always be able to see if the pick cause any confusion and if his team mate is open.  It can also freeze the on ball defender as he does not know what is going on behind him and maybe he thinks he needs to cover the pass.  He then reads the play and drives to the cage for a good shot.  The pick man must focus on opening towards the ball carrier at all times.  No matter which side the drill is on, or which way the ball carrier goes (over the top or underneath) he must open to the ball.  He must also react quickly.  Often you see kids stand there and admire their pick as the ball carrier is going to the cage and the pick mans defender is recovering back into position.   It is important to explain to the players up front that the pick man is setting the pick to get HIMSELF open and not the ball carrier.  This often gets them to get out of the pick sooner.  The pick man then rolls and goes to the cage with the ball carrier, even if he is not supposed to get the ball in the drill.  Run it a few times with the ball carrier going to the cage, and then run it with the ball carrier hitting the roll man.  In either case….both players should continue to the cage as if they could end up with the shot.  Then run it with the ball carrier going underneath, and then both ways on the other side.


Drill Focal Points:

  • Pass then cut the middle of the field
  • Ball carrier must Look Back
  • Roll Man must Open with his chest to the ball carrier
  • Roll man must roll quickly sometimes even early if possible
  • Long Poles play offense too!!