Coaches Training:

TLI’s approach to training coaches is a compilation of best practiced coaching techniques that have been compiled from over 40 year experience of being in the coaching world. Building a solid curriculum and incorporating modern technology has allowed us to create a platform to be able to easily communicate drills, practice plans and ultimately our overall philosophy to coaches across the country. TLI understands that a large majority of coaches across this country have other professions. Our ability to put together a program and communicate it to them remotely, allows them to make the most out of the time they have available to coach. Learn More

Player Training:

TLI's approach to training players is as thorough and cutting edge as you will find. We have developed curricula that stress fundamentals throughout. Implementing our Box-to-Field Philosophy, we incorporate many of the skills from the box game in our field Curricula. Our Skill-to-Concept approach takes players through a methodical skill progression that immediately starts teaching concepts and ultimately increasing the players Lacrosse IQ, even at the earliest age.
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TLI has developed online training programs for players and coaches that are accessed through Memberships. These Memberships are comprehensive, thorough and proven.
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