Coaches Training

We have designed a program, that gives coaches the ability to understand what, why and how we teach our skills, drills and concepts.  We then have developed cutting edge technology to help deliver the information, and make it as easy as possible for coaches to prepare for each practice and game in the most efficient manner.  Using remote technology we can communicate clearly and efficiently all of the steps and processes needed to coach at any age and skill level. This program is designed to allow any person the ability to coach at a certain level regardless of their playing experience.  With our detailed player development plans that systematically takes a program through our philosophical progressions, along with the use and command of our terminology, we can make any coach a positive factor in any teaching environment. This is the best program available to help a coach become the best they can be.

Coaches Preparation:  There is a lot to being a coach outside of the X’s and O’s of the game of lacrosse (or any sport for that matter).  We have developed an outline of situations that every coach will be involved in and have written our Best Practices for these situations.  From dealing with players and parents to preparation for practices and games, these Best Practices allow every coach to be prepared for every situation, thereby enhancing the experience for everyone involved.

Drill/Skill Knowledge: Following TLI’s philosophy of player training, we have produced a library of drills that is head and shoulders above the rest as far as educating coaches and players on all aspects of the skills being taught.  We address all aspects of the drill/skill being taught such as drill execution, teaching points, common mistakes and others.  Using these videos, along with our best practiced coaching techniques, any person can become a very effective and knowledgeable coach.

Player Development Plans: TLI has developed plans for every level of Youth and HS program and even has multiple competition levels within each age group.  These plans follow an overall season plan with enough plans to get the team or program through a season.  These plans are accessible on any computer or mobile device.