Wall Ball – Wristers

This wall ball element is used to focus on the use of the wrists in throwing the ball. One of the biggest issues I have noticed in young players (and older players that have not been taught correctly) is that they do not use their wrists at all while throwing or shooting. This is not only causing poor form, but players are also loosing a huge amount of potential quickness in their release and speed on their shots. This element isolates that motion.

Starting with the stick in a “Threat Position”, the player should concentrate on not moving the elbow of hand that is on the upper hand of the stick (left elbow when throwing lefty and right elbow when throwing righty) and simply snapping the pass with their wrists. the forearm of the top hand will move forward, the the bottom hand is basically just using the wrist. This will isolate the use of the wrists. Constant practice dong this will strengthen the wrists and eventually this will transfer over to using the wrists more while throwing and shooting.

Video coming soon