TLI Practice Plan S56-8

Purpose:   In this practice plan we run through our 2’s for a good warm up.  We then add the 4v3 into our Team Development.  This is the third step in our odd-man progression.  Using wind ups and pump fakes we should be able to see a significant increase in the player’s decision making.  Running this as a competition we should see good ball movement, good off ball positioning and movement, and good decision making.

Stick Work  (0:00 – 0:15)

  • 2’s – Forward Stick Outside
  • 2’s – Forward Sticks Outside w/ Pump Fake Away
  • 2’s – Forward Sticks Inside
  • 2’s – Backwards Stick Outside
  • 2’s – Backwards Sticks Inside
  • 2’s – Shuffle Quick Sticks
  • 2’s – Shuffle Wind Up
  • 2’s – Shuffle Wind Up Face Dodge
  • 2’s – Shuffle Wind Up Face Dodge Flip

Team Development  (0:15 – 1:30)

  • 4v3 – Classic
  • 3v2 – West Genny – Competition
  • 4v3 – West Genny – Competition