TLI Practice Plan S56-7

Purpose:   In this practice plan we get back to running some 3’s drills just to keep them fresh.  We then go over the man game on the crease.  This is great for working the 2 man game in an off ball situation.  We then combine this with the Navy drill and it turns into a 4v3 from behind.  We then play 3v2 West Genny for a good period of time.  This can be either a “rematch” of the last week, or teams can be redrafted, your choice.

Stick Work  (0:00 – 0:25)

  • 2’s – Forward Stick Outside
  • 2’s – Forward Sticks Outside w/ Pump Fake Away
  • 2’s – Forward Sticks Inside
  • 2’s – Backwards Stick Outside
  • 2’s – Backwards Sticks Inside
  • 2’s – Shuffle Quick Sticks
  • 2’s – Shuffle Wind Up
  • 2’s – Shuffle Wind Up Face Dodge
  • 2’s – Shuffle Wind Up Face Dodge Flip
  • 3’s – Lines
  • 3’s – Lighthouses
  • 3’s – Going Away

Skill Development  (0:25 – 0:55)

  • Navy Drill
  • 2 Man on Crease Explanation
  • Navy Drill with 2v2 on Crease

Team Development  (0:55 – 1:30)

  • 3v2 – West Genny – Competition