TLI Practice Plan S56-6

Purpose:   In this practice plan we are looking at making this a fun practice will mostly game like situations.  We have deleted the 3’s and half of the Short Line Drills.  The one new drill we are adding is the Navy Drill which is a great defensive drill and allows the offense to use a lot of the skills they have been working on.  We then break up into two teams (split them evenly) and play 3v2 West Genny and keep score.  The Coach who is running the drill is also the final word on if it is a goal or not.  If the offense does not run one of the three proper steps of the progression, or runs one incorrectly, and still scores, do not count it as a goal.  This allows you to keep the score closer as well.

Stick Work  (0:00 – 0:15)

  • 2’s – Forward Stick Outside
  • 2’s – Forward Sticks Outside w/ Pump Fake Away
  • 2’s – Forward Sticks Inside
  • 2’s – Backwards Stick Outside
  • 2’s – Backwards Sticks Inside
  • 2’s – Shuffle Quick Sticks
  • 2’s – Shuffle Wind Up
  • 2’s – Shuffle Wind Up Face Dodge
  • 2’s – Shuffle Wind Up Face Dodge Flip

Skill Development  (0:15 – 0:45)

  • Short Line Drills – Throwback Money Pass
  • Short Line Drills – Throwback Question Mark
  • Short Line Drills – MJ (Fake Question Mark)
  • Navy Drill

Team Development  (0:45 – 1:30)

  • 3v2 – West Genny – Competition