TLI Practice Plan S56-3

Purpose:   In this practice plan we continue to build on our 2’s, 3’s and Short Line Drills.  We also add the beginning of our throwback progression with the Money Pass.  We then review the entire 2v1 progression and introduce the next step in our odd-man progression with the 3v2 Classic.  We should begin to see improvement in player’s decision making using wind up and pump fakes.

Stick Work   (0:00 – 0:30)

Skill Development   (0:30 – 0:50)

  • Short Line Drills – Wind Up Face Dodge
  • Short Line Drills – Wind Up Hitch and Go
  • Short Line Drills – Throwback – Money Pass

Team Development  (0:50 – 1:30)

  • 2v1 – Sides
  • 2v1 – Pass Across Pick Across
  • 2v1 – Players Choice
  • 3v2 Classic
  • 3v2 – West Genny