TLI Practice Plan HS-4 – Sample

In this Practice Plan we are adding our throwback progression in our Skill Development Section.  We are also adding in our Navy Drill.  I have thrown the Navy Drill with the 2v2 on the crease in the event that the Navy Drill goes well.  We are then continuing with the 3v2 West Genny, and you should run this all players choice.  However, if all three players do not act/react correctly, blow the play dead and start it going the other way.


Stick Work – 30 minutes

  • 2’s – Forward Stick Outside
  • 2’s- Forward Sticks Outside w/ Pump Fake Away
  • 2’s – Forward Sticks Inside
  • 2’s – Backwards Sticks Outside
  • 2’s – Shuffle Quick Sticks
  • 2’s -Shuffle Wind Up
  • 2’s -Wind Up Face Dodge
  • 2’s Wind Up Face Dodge Flip

Skill Development – 30 minutes

  • Short Line Drills – Money Pass
  • Short Line Drill – Question Mark
  • Short Line Drill – MJ (Fake Question Mark)

Team Development – 45 minutes

  • Team Development – Navy Drill
  • Team Development – Navy Drill w/ 2v2 on Crease
  • Team Development – 3v2 West Genny