TLI Practice Plan HS-3 – Sample

In this Practice Plan we are adding some defensive footwork drills.  We are focusing on getting the 3v2 decision making process down.  We start with  reviewing the Classic and the Carry and Mirror.  We will then take a quick break and go over the entire Pick and Roll scenario.  The 2v0 Pass across Pick across is meant to  get players and coaches completely familiarized with the motion of setting the pick, coming off the pick with the ball, and rolling off the pick.  We then add the 3v2 Pass Down Pick down to the practice.  This will add a 3rd option to the 3v2 drills and forces all 3 players to be aware of and react to the ball carrier.  This then makes the 3v2 West Genny drill a great competitive game-like situation and gets all of the kids moving and working on making the right decisions.


Stick Work – 30 minutes

  • 2’s Explanation
  • 2’s – Forward Stick Outside
  • 2’s- Forward Sticks Outside w/ Pump Fake Away
  • 2’s – Forward Sticks Inside
  • 2’s – Backwards Sticks Outside
  • 2’s – Backwards Sticks Inside
  • 2’s – Shuffle Quick Sticks
  • 2’s -Shuffle Wind Up
  • 2’s -Wind Up Face Dodge
  • 2’s Wind Up Face Dodge Flip

Skill Development – 20 minutes

  • Skill Development – 2v0 Pass Across Pick Across
  • Skill Development – Defend the Cone
  • Skill Development – Defend the Cylinder

Team Development – 40 minutes

  • Team Development – 3v2 Classic
  • Team Development – 3v2 Carry and Mirror
  • Team Development – 3v2 Pass Down Pick Down
  • Team Development – 3v2 West Genny