TLI ELITE Training Tampa Spring 2019

TLI Elite Training is an intense, comprehensive and focused training program for the truly dedicated Elite Driven lacrosse player. The program is a 14-week (16 curriculum hour) session and is limited to 20 players. We will meet once a week for an hour (some are two hours).  There will also be mandatory take home workouts and assignments that are to be completed throughout the week.  During our on-field time, we will work on all aspects of being an effective and complete lacrosse player and players will be able to continue that work on their own or in small groups. I personally will run every on-field session. (Coach Francis’ Bio)

We charge a lot of money for this program and we understand that.  Two things come with that.  Most importantly is our responsibility to make sure that we provide your son with the best training program available anywhere, which in turn gives you a positive return on your investment.  The second is for the player and parents to commit to that same end.  We will only take players that are truly dedicated and serious about this program.  We will go over this more in the “Expectations” section below.For us to be able to do my part above, we need to deliver the correct content, in the correct manner and in the correct environment.  We also understand that we have to keep the players interest and energy up by making it fun and interesting.  Each session will be delivered to the players via email 48 hours prior to the session.  Each session will consist of a Skill Development portion, a Concept Development portion and a Competition portion where we emphasize the skills and concepts that we worked on previously.  If everyone is prepared for and focused during the session, this is an incredibly effective program.  Players will receive written evaluations after weeks 4, 8, 12 and 16. 


As I stated above, this is an intense program that is designed and intended for the truly dedicated Elite driven lacrosse player.  We have 60 minutes each week together.  Those 60 minutes are meticulously planned in advance. 

  • -Players are expected to arrive (with all of their gear) in time to be able to go through warm up and get dressed prior to the beginning of the session.  The core warm up is a pre-designed activation and flexibility program that takes 5 minutes, and a stickwork warm up that takes another 5 minutes.  It will be done as a complete group and led by that week’s captains.  This starts exactly 15 minutes prior to the start of our session.
  • Each player will receive an apparel package that is to be warn EVERY SESSION.  This will include a pair of shorts, 2 workout shirts and a reversible pinnie.  If the player does not have the correct gear on, he will not participate in that session.  If I have extra apparel with me, it can be purchased for $25 per item.
  • I truly believe in Respect and Team.  This group should be considered a Team.  We are all working together towards the same goal.  Becoming the best player that we can.  Respect for each other is paramount in this endeavor.  Encouragement of each other and the group as a whole is expected.
  • Any negativity towards a team member or disruption of the groups progress will be dealt with swiftly.  I believe in communicating maturely with players that break these rules, and I also believe in second chances.  However, beyond that it could lead to removal from that session, and in the case of multiple offenses, removal from the program without refund.
  • There will be assignments given after every session (some in hand and others via email) that must be completed during the week.  These will include, but are not limited to, plyometric workouts, running regimen, wall ball routines and short written quizzes.  This is to make sure that throughout the time between sessions, players are working on both their physical and conceptual aspects of the game.

There are 2 options for days of the week. We have a Monday Afternoon Session. Monday sessions start at 5 PM. We also have a Weekend Session that is mostly Sundays with a few Saturdays when needed. These sessions start at 2:00 PM. We have also broken each session up into Halves. You can sign up for the first or second half of either program. There is both a financial (10%) and practical advantage to signing up for both sessions. You do not need to sign up for both the Weekend and Monday session. Due to strict participation caps, this is a first come first serve program and Full Session registrants will hold favor over half session registrants.

Registration Details:
Age Groups: 6th through 8th grade (20 players max per session)

Click Link Below to Register

Monday Full Session – $720 (2/4/19 through 4/29/19)
Monday First Half – $400 (2/4/19 through 3/11/19)
Monday Second Half – $400 (3/25/19 through 4/29/19)

Weekends Full Session – $720 (2/3/19 through 4/28/19)
Weekends First Half – $400 (2/3/19 through 3/10/19)
Weekends Second Half – $400 (3/24/19 through 4/28/19)

If you have any questions please contact Todd Francis at