TLI ELITE Training Clinic

TLI Elite Training Clinic is an intense, comprehensive and focused training program for the truly dedicated Elite driven lacrosse player. This camp typically involves 8 hours on the field and 2 hours in a “classroom” over 2 1/2 days.  We can run these as day only or overnight clinics.

We take players through a very well thought out and efficient curriculum that has proven to develop players better and faster than any program available.  Using our Skill to Concept Philosophy, players learn not only a wide array of skills, but also multiple options within those skills.  The player will then learn to how to quickly decide which of those options is best in that given situation, dramatically increasing their Lacrosse efficiency and IQ.

These clinics are limited to 24 players.  We like to have 1-2 goalies, 8-10 poles and 10-12 short sticks.  This allows us to run through any and all of our curriculum properly and efficiently.  We are also looking for the dedicated player.  If your stick skills are not up to par, some of the concepts that we will be learning will be tougher to comprehend and perfect.

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