TLI ELITE Training 3-Day Program

TLI Elite Training 3-Day Program is an intense, comprehensive and focused training program for the truly dedicated and driven lacrosse player. Over the 3 days, we will progress through TLI’s proven Elite Training curriculum.  This curriculum solidifies basic skills and concepts and introduces high level skills and concepts that allow every player to maximize their improvement, in just 3 days.

TLI’s Elite Training curriculum is based on our Skill-to-Concept Philosophy.  Basically, this philosophy teaches skills in multiple steps and options.  We then teach players the reads that they should be making to decide which of the options is best suited for that specific situation. This method allows all players to increase the speed of their decisions making, which is the basis for increasing a players lacrosse acumen.


  • Players should be Varsity level High School players.  A year of JV experience with the potential to make it the next year is acceptable.
  • Sessions are all high tempo and every player should be ready to listen and put forth a full effort for the entire length of every session.
  • Each session starts with a dynamic activation warm up that will be started promptly at start time.  Players are expected to be ready to go before that time.
  • Each player will receive an apparel package that is to be warn EVERY SESSION.  This will include a pair of shorts, 2 workout shirts and a reversible pinnie.  We will all be wearing the same uniform at each session.


  • Program is designed 30 players (flexible)
  • 2 Goalies
  • 12 Poles
  • 26 Shorties
  • We have both a High School level program and a Middle School level program.  In very specific cases we might make exceptions or combine the two.
  • Players will receive a personalized detailed evaluation at the end of the program.  This will go into details of all aspects of the players ability, both the good things and those things that the athlete can improve upon.

This program can be run as either an open registration or run for a specific group (High School, Youth program etc.)  There is also the opportunity for the programs coaches to attend and to be trained during the three days.

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