Throwback – Money Pass

In this drill the player with the ball should carry the ball with his stick head high (near his shoulder/ear) and sprint out about 5 yards.  If he is carrying it right handed, he should then immediately turn his hips 90 degrees to the left (so he is facing to the left of his original position).  His stick must immediately go into a threat position, and he backs away quickly, at a 90 degree angle from his original path of motion, and quickly snaps a pass back to the next player in line.

The teaching points are:

  • Carry the ball high and spring
  • Quickly turn and get the stick to a threat position
  • Make sure they back away from the original path at 90 degrees
  • Snap a quick pass back to the next player
  • Younger/novice players should start doing just strong hand (then both hands later in the season)
  • Older/more experienced players should do it both directions

This is a very high repetition drill and should be run for a total of about 3 minutes.