Throwback Explanation

The Throwback drills are designed to work on stick skills while your body is changing direction and quickly getting you stick into a position to move the ball.  Often during a game, the ball needs to be moved to a player that is behind you, and we work on many different ways of doing that with these drills.

To start the drill you should have three or four players in a line, one behind the other.  The first player in line has the ball and he will be running out, performing the skill and throwing back to the player behind him in different ways.  Once the ball is thrown back, the player quickly returns to the back of the line and gets ready to go again.  This player must NOT run back into the drill so as to interfere with the next player performing his repetition.  Also it is important for the player who is receiving the ball to wait until he catches it to begin his repetition.

The lines will need to have about 5 yards on each side of them (so lines about 10 yards apart) and also have about 10 yards ahead of them so they do not run into other players.

There should be a pile of balls next to the first person in each line in case a pass is missed and these balls should be replaced by coaches throughout the drill.