Throwback – 180 Away

In this drill the player with the ball should carry the ball with his stick head high (near his shoulder/ear) and sprint out about 5 yards.  If he is carrying it right handed, he should then immediately turn 180 degrees to the left (so he is facing back towards his partner).  His stick must immediately go into a threat position, and quickly snaps a pass back to the next player in line while continuing to back away from his partner.  he should continue about 3-4 steps after he releases tee ball.

The teaching points are:

  • Carry the ball high and spring
  • Quickly turn and get the stick to a threat position
  • Snap a quick pass back to the next player
  • Continue to back away for 3-4 steps
  • Younger/novice players should start doing just strong hand (then both hands later in the season)
  • Older/more experienced players should do it both directions

This is a very high repetition drill and should be run for a total of about 3 minutes.