Team Development – Sharks and Minnows

This is a great game for the younger players that teaches them to protect the ball and the stick while keeping their head up and trying to run through multiple defenders.

To set up this drill you need to have an area marked off with two lines about 30 yard apart.  Depending on the age group, this could be from a restraining line to mid field or restraining line to restraining line.  All players should have a ball in their stick and be behind one of the retraining lines, these are the “Minnows”.  You need to have 2-4 coaches in between the restraining lines with sticks, these are the “Sharks”.  On the whistle, the Minnows try to get across to the other line.  The Sharks are trying to knock the ball out of the Minnows sticks.  If the ball falls out and hits the ground, the Minnow is out and becomes a Shark on the next round.  This will eventually increase the number of Sharks and decrease the number of Minnows.

Players should work on good stick protection form and run quickly.  Also, keeping your head up and looking for an opening between all of the Sharks will help the player get across more easily.

Sharks should be careful to keep their stick under control and just use poke checks and solid footwork to get the ball out.  No one handed swinging or any checks up near the head should ever be allowed!!