Team Development – Musical Ground Balls

In Musical Ground Balls we run the drill as if it were Musical Chairs (kids game).  Break up into groups of about 4-5 players (6 is ok but kind of big).  Each group will run their own drill.  If the group has 5 players, have them all line up side by side.  You can have them face the balls, face away form the balls, get on there stomachs or their backs, what ever you prefer.  Always place one less ball than there are players in the drill. Spread the balls out about at least 7 yards away and up to 12 yards away, and no less than a couple yards between balls. On the whistle the players are to go pick up a ground ball and return past the original starting line.  The players should all use the same form and technique that we learned in our scramble ground ball drills. The single player that does not come back with a ball is eliminated, and you run it again with one fewer ball.  Eventually coming down to a 2v1 ground ball. The one back with the ball is the winner.  It is important to stress that even if all the balls get picked up, that last player can still try to take the ball away from a ball carrier prior to him crossing the starting line again.  This allows for all players to remain in the drill even after all the balls are picked up.  If you have multiple groups, you can then take all the winners and have them run the drill for the “championship”.  Players that are not in can cheer on their team mate.

The stress points are:

  • Good form scooping though ball
  • Get stick up to cradle position to protect stick
  • Accelerate through scoop and turn/spin away from any pressure
  • Continue to hustle back through starting line
  • If you don’t get a ball, take one away from someone else