4v3 West Genny

This drill is the same as 3v2 West Genny.  If you have only learned the Static version then just use that.  If you have learned the Dynamic version, then either version can be run.  Make sure to split the teams up as evenly as possible skill wise.  It is also very important to make sure the lefties and righties and the short and long poles (if applicable) are split up evenly as well.

Stress Points:

  • Always bring the ball into the drill with a player that will be be one of the top men
  • Make sure the low men get to position quickly and not wait for the ball carrier
  • Play stops when goal is scored of the ball hits the ground
  • Last player on offense to touch the ball is out and the other three get back and play defense immediately
  • Lefties must always be on the left hand side of the field as stated in the drill

This is a great drill to run and keep score.  It is a great team building drill.