Team Development – 3v2 Pass Down Pick Down

In the 3v2 Pass Down Pick Down we deviate slightly from the 3v2 Classic and work on adding the decision making that happens in a dynamic situation as two players on offense are running a pass down pick down on one side and the back side offensive player is looking for a spot by reading the two defenders.

Drill Set Up:  Set up the drill exactly as specified in the 3v2 Classic set up.

Drill Execution: This time instead of winding up and drawing the top defender out (As in 3v2 Classic), the top man passes to one of the low men and immediately cuts down to set a screen.  Once the pass is made the lower defender must slow play it and come out to the ball eventually so that is who is being picked.   Tehy then run a classic pick and roll and if nothing is open (which something should be) they would end up back in a perfect triangle again.

Drill Focal Points:

  • Top man must cut immediately after the pass
  • Ball carrier must come around the pick and Look Back
  • Pick man must open to the ball
  • Ball carrier and opposite low man must look for passing seams
  • Defense must react accordingly including “Show” to incite a bad pass.