Stickwork – Stationary Wristers

This drill is set up and run the same way as our stationary catch drill, but we are working on throwing with just our wrists and lower arms and not using our upper arms or shoulders. Using this technique, players rapidly gain good feel for the ball.  It has also been shown to dramatically increasing a players overall stick work and even top speed on his shot.

Drill Set Up:  Set up just as you were in Stationary Catch, but the players should only be about 4-5 yards apart depending on age.  The players hands should be in the same spots as in Stationary Catch with the bottom hand on the butt end and about 6-8″ of shaft showing between the hands.

Drill Execution: The player with the ball gets their stick up into a threat position with elbows facing forward, butt end facing towards their partner and the stick just slightly above parallel, Girls will probably be slightly higher than boys sticks.  To throw the ball, the player should use his lower arms and wrists at the same time.  As they extend at the elbow,  they should snap their wrists forward.  The motion has an abrupt end just after the ball is released.  The top hand should be forward of the bottom hand and the head of the stick should be pointing forward above their partners head.  The other player should have his stick up in the box and receive the ball gently in his stick by giving with the ball and ending in a threat position.  Players should see how many catches they can make in a row, or how many in a minute, without jeopardizing proper form and technique.


Stress Point:

  • Start in a Threat Position
  • Use only lower arms and wrists
  • Snap wrists for maximum torque
  • Receive ball by gently giving with the throw