Stickwork – Stationary Toss and Catch

This is a great way to get players to learn to catch properly.  Getting players used to catching the ball correctly from the beginning is a huge step in allowing them to develop skills properly.

In this drill players pair up with each other.  One player will have a stick in their hands and the other will be tossing the ball with their hand.  Have the players stand about 3-4 yards apart.  The payer with the stick should get their stick “up in the box” with the bottom hand close to their body and the top hand slightly more forward.  The bottom hand should be on the bottom of the stick and the top hand should be about halfway down the stick.  traditional theory was it was easier to catch with the top hand near the throat and then as they get better they can slowly lower their hand.  It has been proven that this deters development.  It does not take much longer for players to master catching the correct way with their top hand lower on the stick and then there is no need to “relearn” with their hand lower.

The other player should toss the ball “up into the box” and the player should “give” with the ball as if they are catching and egg and trying not to break it.  This brings the stick back to a Threat Position.  If the player needs to give a little cradle to settle the ball in their stick that is fine, but attention should be paid to making the stick remain as “quiet” as possible.  The player with the ball then tosses the ball back to the thrower.