Stickwork – Stationary Catch

In our stationary catch drill we are working on proper throwing and catching technique. To set up the drill have the players line up with a partner about 7 yards apart. Each pair should be about 3 yards apart from each other lined up side by side. The idea is for the players to play catch and see how many they can get in a row. It is critical that coaches keep a supply of balls behind each player so that when they miss (and they will) they just turn around and grab another ball.

Throwing Technique: Player should hold the stick in his hands with a light grip and the stick closer to his fingers than his palms. Make sure they do not have a tight choking grip on the stick. The top hand should be lower than half way on the stick and the bottom hand should be right down at the butt end. he should stand with his opposite foot forward (same foot as the bottom hand on the stick). Attention should be paid so that the players steps slightly and follows through with his pass. They should be making sure to throw the ball right to the other players stick which should be up in “the box”.

Catching Technique: This player should hold his stick lightly in his hands with his bottom hand at the bottom of the stick and his top had about half way on the stick. If the player absolutely needs to hold his top hand up by the throat of the stick that is ok, but as he gets better he needs to work on lowering that hand. Getting it down to the middle of the stick allows the player to learn to feel the stick and ball much better.

As the drill goes along, the coach should blow one whistle and each players takes one step backwards. When he blows 2 whistles they take one step forward. Changing the distance forces players to work on their throwing touch. As they are further apart he needs to be confident in throwing hard towards his partner. As they get closer he needs to add a little touch and still throw i hard enough to be up in the players box.

NOTE!!:  For players that are really having a hard time catching, get a coach to work with them 1 on 1 and have the coach run The Stickwork – Stationary Toss and catch drill.