Stickwork – Ground Balls down the Line

Drill Set Up: In our Down the Line drills, players each have their own ball and all players are lined up, side by side, across an endline or sideline. If there are too many you can always go in 2 separate groups.  If all players go in one group, make sure to give them a couple of seconds rest in between each rep.  If you go in two groups, make sure to give the first group a good sized head start before the second group goes.

Drill Execution:In this Groundball drill, we are simply having the players roll the ball out in front of them and pick it up.  Start with the players walking, then have them do it jogging and finally running.  Good form is important.  Make sure that they players foot that is on the same side as the head of his stick, is placed along side and slightly behind the ball.  He then must then get his stick back and bend his legs to get his butt lower to the ground.  As he scoops his stick through the ball he must also lower his back hand to get the butt end of his stick to almost skim the ground.  He then must step through with his back foot and bring the stick up to a position that is similar to the top of a 2 hand cradle.

Stress Points:

  • Top hand near throat, bottom hand on butt end
  • Stick side foot placed to the side of the ball and slightly behind
  • Bend legs to get lower to ground
  • Start with hands back and scoop through ball while stepping through
  • Bring head of stick (with ball in it) up to a 2 hand cradle position

We are looking for to focus on good form through the scoop and slowly build from walking to jogging to running.