Skill Development – Star Drill

In the Star Drill we work on snapping passes sharply while having to keep an eye out for players, and in the multi ball drill, other balls.


Drill Set Up:  arrange 5 lines like at the points of a standard 5 point star.  Each line should have no more then 3 players.  Also, the diagonal pass that is made should be in the 7-10 yard range depending on age group and skill level.

Drill Execution:  1 coach should have the balls so that if one is dropped they look to him for a re-load.  The coach give the ball to a player and he then throws either 2 guys to his left (call this “Clockwise” or two guys to his right (Call the Counter Clockwise”).  He then follows the pass and goes to the back of the line that he threw to.  The receiver immediately catches and snaps a pass 2 players either Clockwise or Counterclockwise, depending on the initial pass.  This then continues in a star pattern.  If a ball is dropped, that player looks to the coach and gets a re-load, and then finishes his pass so as not to screw up the flow of the drill.  That coach can also be the one to choose the appropriate time and place to add another ball.  Older groups can get up to 3 balls going and it can become a nice team building exercise as well as great stick work.

Drill Focal Points:

  • Passes should be snapped from a Threat Position
  • Pass should be to the receivers “box” or the area beside the players head out to his shoulder
  • Run drill both ways to gets used to throwing both ways
  • Using a single hand is not bad as long as it is run both ways
  • Keep the sticks QUIET!!!