Skill Development – Scramble Ground Balls – Scoop and Spin

In our Scramble Ground Ball Drills we are working on getting the ball up off the ground with good form and function,  and then getting your head up immediately so as not to run into other players, much like in a real game.

Drill Set Up:Set this drill up just like you did in Skip and Scoop.

Drill Execution:  This Drill is run exactly like our Skip and Scoop drill, but as the player is accelerating out of the scoop and is protecting the stick, he must spin and maintain his stick protection.  They should work on spinning both ways as that happens in game situations.

Drill Focal Points:

  • Skip to Elevate Torso
  • Bend legs to get “2 Butts down”
  • Accelerate through ball
  • Get your head up and Protect Stick as you Spin to avoid contact

This can turn into a little competition where either the coach watches and determines whose form is the best, or they can have the players count how many they can accomplish in 45 seconds.