Skill Development – 2v1 Restricted Ground Balls

This drill is a modification of the standard 2v1 ground ball drill.  One of the problems with that drill is that it is always the fastest and quickest player that gets the ball and he is typically capable of just running straight ahead and away from pressure.  In this drill we restrict the amount of room in front of the players and make it a more realistic ground ball.

Get 10 or so players outside of the sideline somewhere down below the restraining line.  Then put three players out on the side restraining line facing towards the sideline.  The outside two players are on the same team and the middle player is on his own.  The coach should get behind them (so between their backs and the cage).  He then rolls out the ball and tells the players to “Go”.  Players should not go until the coach says “Go”.  The coach should also change up the cadence.  Sometimes throw it and say “Go” right away, or throw it and let it stop and wait a second or two then say “Go”.

Teaching points that should be stressed:

  • Shade off opposing players as opposed to “Taking them out”
  • Get through the ball
  • Look for open space to flip or kick the ball too
  • Excelerate to space with the ball and your head up

Once the ground ball is picked up, that team (single or double) is on offense and goes to the cage.  If the two man team gets it, look for good solid 2v1 offense and defense.  Good spacing, passing lane control and goal awareness.  If the one man team gets it, look for acceleration to the cage and good doubling defense.  Don’t sit back and play a zone, attack the ball.