Skill Development – 2v0

Our 2v0 drill is our first step in engaging a second player in the drill.  We are working on maintaining spacing and passing to our partner in different situations.I would recommend not having a goalie on the cage for this drill.

Drill Set Up:  Have two lines above the restraining line about 10 yards apart.  Younger ages should be about 5 yards above the restraining line and older players should be closer to mid field.  Run the drill with the ball in one line so every players gets a few reps and then switch the balls to the other line.  It is best if the players in the line that is to the right (as your facing the cage) play left handed and the other line play right handed.  This allows the players shuffle or run facing their partner and have the sticks trailing them and away from any defenders.

Drill Execution: The ball carrier initiates and has 4 options:

  • Pump faking to his partner, carrying straight down the line and shooting
  • Pump faking to his partner, carrying straight down the line then turning his hips up-field and snapping a pass to his partner
  • Carrying straight down the line then turning his hips up-field to snap a pass to his partner
  • Passing across and running down the line and getting a pass back (give and go style)

It is important that each player be “in play” and ready to receive or pass the ball throughout the drill.  No matter which option is chosen, the original ball carrier should be going towards the goal ahead of his partner.  The original off ball player (who might now have the ball because of a give and go) should trail slightly behind so as to make it harder when a defender is introduced.   It is also important that each player maintain the spacing from his partner by running straight ahead and not closer to his partner.  Players will tend to creep in towards each other and this will make it easier for the defender (when introduced) to cover both players.


Drill Focal Points:

  • Ball carrier must initiate one of the stated options
  • Off ball player must react accordingly and always be in an open lane
  • Original ball carrier should be ahead of original off ball player
  • Players should maintain their lanes and stay spaced apart