Player Development Philosophy

Proper Basic Fundamentals

  • Follow the Pyramid of Fundamentals (Link)
  • Form is very important
  • We want to get as many reps in as possible, but it is also important that those reps be proper reps
  • Even the best players in the world still do wall ball!

Skill Progressions

  • Progressions are very important in skill development. In each individual skill, we proceed through 3 steps
  • Stationary (Static)
  • Moving (Dynamic)
  • Under Pressure (in competition)
  • Make sure the foundational elements of each skill are solid before advancing
  • As you add to each skill, continue to look at the fundamentals to make sure they are remaining solid.
  • As long as the foundational elements are solid, it is rarely too early to start adding some new twists to the skill.
  • Creativity can go a long way!

Drill Progression

  • Drills can be “stacked” to teach multiple options within each skill. For example:
  • Cut-Pop-Wind up-Time and Room
  • Cut-Pop-Wind up-Face Dodge
  • Cut-Pop-Wind up-Hitch and Go
  • and on….
  • Once a player is proficient in all of these skills, we can put them competition and the player will learn to decide which option is correct depending on the defense’s position and reaction to the wind up.
  • This leads to conceptual understanding of the skill

Odd Man Situation

  • When you properly coach players through solid skill progressions, we move into “odd man situation” drills.
  • These drills (2v1,3v2,4v3 etc.) allow players to utilize the skills they have learned, but since its an odd man situation, they have options to move the ball to an open man at all times.
  • The odd man situation also forces the players to read the defense and decide the best option depending on what the defense is offering.
  • Offensive rules
  • Never Dodge. Maintain a cushion.
  • Maintain spacing as best possible
  • Don’t get sucked into the middle
  • Defensive rules
  • 1st man stops ball
  • 2nd man goes to fist pass
  • Never chase a pass
  • As you move from 2v1 up through 6v5, the decision making gets more and more involved. But starting with a 2v1 then moving to a 3v2, the increase in complexity is minimal. Making those steps all the way up to 6v5 has a massive overall increase in proper decision making. Proper decision making = Lacrosse IQ.

Skill to Concept Philosophy

  • Following the above protocol allows players to develop and progress from basic skill to more advanced skills.
  • Players are then put in situations where they can quickly read the current situation and make the right decision on what to do.
  • This is the basis of our Skill to Concept Philosophy. The most effective method of development ever created.

Play Every Position

  • It is always a good idea to learn every aspect of the game, therefore it is smart to learn every position.
  • Offenses are more effective if they know what defenders are trying to do and vice versa.
  • The game is transitioning to two way players now more than ever.