Partner Passing – Sideways Inside

This drill is a progression out of our Stickwork – Sideways Outside Drill.  Here we have the players turn 90 degrees so that they are each facing sideways to their partner so that their sticks are “Inside”, meaning the stick is in the hand close to their partners (left handers will have their left shoulder near their partners and vice-versa). Make sure that both of the players feet are pointed perpendicular to their partner.  Many players try to cheat and have the foot closer to their partner at a bit of an angle towards their partner.  We are really trying to the the players to turn at the hips and make the passes and catches.

Throwing Technique: Player should hold the stick in his hands with a light grip and the stick closer to his fingers than his palms. Make sure they do not have a tight choking grip on the stick. The top hand should be lower than half way on the stick and the bottom hand should be right down at the butt end. They should turn at the hips and throw from a threat position.  It is very important top stress that they players butt end must be pointing at their partner and the stick is in a good shouldered position to make the pass. They should be making sure to throw the ball right to the other players stick which should be up in “the box”.

Catching Technique: This player should hold his stick lightly in his hands with his bottom hand at the bottom of the stick and his top had about half way on the stick. If the player absolutely needs to hold his top hand up by the throat of the stick that is ok, but as he gets better he needs to work on lowering that hand. Getting it down to the middle of the stick allows the player to learn to feel the stick and ball much better.