Partner Workout #1

Do this workout with a partner.  All reps are “shared”, that means only one athlete is working at a time.  Non working partner should do two things.  First, encourage your partner.  Second, keep it honest.  Make sure the Squats are Hips below Knee, the push ups are all the way nose to ground.  DON’T CHEAT YOURSELF!

I want to get an email back with:

  • Names of the two athletes working
  • Time it took to complete

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Social Workout

Share Reps Between Athletes

Air squats » 100 Reps
Burpees » 50 reps
Push Ups » 50 Reps
Sit Ups » 100 reps
Push Ups » 50 Reps
Burpees » 50 Reps
Air Squats » 100 Reps